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Friday, February 15, 2008



But the thing is, don't these dress designers make these hideous dresses because people BUY them? Shudder.


Dude, I can't get enough of looking at horrible dresses.


I love looking at hideous wedding dresses, and those are truly hideous!

Operation Pink Herring

I think the one with the actual FEATHERS is the worst. No, the pink one is. No, the yellow one.

thanks for the "what not to wear" ideas!


Ha, classic! :D


You should put up a disclaimer that we should go to the bathroom before reading these because I dang near wet myself laughing. I love the Nicole Kidman reference.


I seriously do not get the feather thing. I was set on no sparkle and that's pretty tame. I can't imagine having to tell a saleswoman NO FEATHERS.


You're my new favorite blogger.

I can't stop looking at ugly dresses, either. I'm so glad I told my bridesmaids to wear whatever they wanted as long as it was somewhere in the dark/jewel/royal blue family.

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