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Monday, December 17, 2007



Alas, I don't like my engagement ring. But only because it looks EXACTLY like my first one. Only bigger and white gold. And alas, it HAS grown on me.

Also...down with back fat!


Haha, all good advice. If I ever get proposed to, I won't be fussed on what the ring looks like - most likely because I'll have DIED FROM SHOCK at actually getting engaged in the first place.



Great advice. I'd love to hear about the bridesmaid expectations. I have seven bridesmaids...I think I may be crazy.


Why why why do we have to wait over a month between postings? I speak for all the readers out there who love this site and are frustrated that there isn't more more more! Please post another wonderfully witty post again and soon.

Kim Calakoutis

This is great! So funny!

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