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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Amy from The Butrfly Garden

Um. I think the picture says it all. WOW. That must have cost a bundle.


Oh. my. gosh. Now there IS something even more self indulgent than bridal portraits. Who knew?


It's MY wedding. EAT ME.



I'd love to see the pics after it's been half-eaten.


Ewwww...what if you were a guest and you the piece you got was from her ass? I don't think I could even take a single bite of ass cake.


What the hell?

Kelly J

Oh dear, all that's missing is a sign saying "Eat me"!

Well, that and pictures of the groom and his groomsmen next to the cake/sign, giving the thumbs up, pointing to the sign, or making obscene gestures...

I'm not sure that I could have eaten a slice this cake had I been a guest at the wedding. I might have been too disturbed, wondering if I had a slice of armpit, or crotch, or...? Please, please just tell me the cake wasn't red velvet under that icing!


Yikes! I'll be having nightmares about this one, for sure!


NOOOO. Ew, can you imagine being served an eyeball? Shudder.

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