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Thursday, October 18, 2007


My Buddy Mimi

I was a bridesmaid at a wedding when only out-of-town guests were allowed to bring kids. All the in-town guests had been told that no kids were allowed, and then they showed up to find that others had been invited. It was a bad situation all around.


Some great points, for sure.

I have a kids at wedding story now! Are you ready?

My first cousin who is two years older than me, was getting married a few years ago - a big, flashy wedding, taking place in the biggest Catholic cathedral in Sydney, the reception in the Maritime Museum overlooking Sydney Harbour - a big affair. She would talk about the wedding planning at every family gathering, so of course we got to hear every detail.

The invitations came out.. and it was for my parents only, my brother and I weren't listed. We were fairly surprised, so mum asked my cousin why we weren't invited the next time we saw her.

Her answer? Unfortunately, there were to be no children at her wedding.

Fair enough, I suppose. Except for the small detail that I was 21, my brother 19. Ouch.


Great post! I was okay with kids at my wedding, and I really lucked out that there were no "incidents" -- just adorableness and lots of cute dancing-kid pictures. But I know all brides are not so lucky, and totally understand why one would choose not to invite kids.

Want an adorable flower girl story? You got it! When one of my friends got married, her 2 daughters were the flower girls. The older daughter dutifully dropped the petals, and the younger one followed, picking up the petals and putting them in her basket. It was really really cute.


You're back!! YAY!


I work as a nanny and have been asked to work in a kid room at a wedding. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it. I think they are a good idea though.

Kids have fun, no one gets left out and the sitters make good money too!


Holy cow...alyndabear comment is insane!

My religious culture has kids everywhere. So they are at all the weddings and they do just fine. But dude, we don't have very lavish weddings. I can totally see having NO KIDS at a fancy affair. And, as a mom, I don't think I would be offended if Babboo wasn't invited.


Thank goodness you're back - I've been looking forward to this post for a while.

I've never taken my kids to a wedding, except my second one, but they were in it. Weddings are for grown ups.

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