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Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Ooh pink weddings!


The perfect people crack me up.

My Buddy Mimi

Perfect weddings


I truly cannot decide. I think I'll go with pink because I do enjoy your rants re: princess dream/disney weddings and I think this could be similar.


Pink!! It's my least favorite bridal trend.

The Mouse

Oh, definitely pink weddings. A la Bachelorette Pepto Bismal pink vomit wedddings. Yah! Bring it on.

(Um, yes, I am not a fan of pink weddings)


hmmm.... perfect... pink. Have anything on perfect pink weddings?


I'm going with the children at weddings story.. because man, do I have a story on that one.


Perfect weddings. Especially perfect, expenive and yet gag inducing weddings.


Pink weddings! Actually, all three!

Operation Pink Herring

I am losing my bridesmaid virginity for my friend's October wedding, and I would greatly appreciate a post on bridesmaid ettiquette. Especially if it included something on the topic of "The shower invitations: are the bridesmaids really supposed to pay for them? And if we're talked into doing a group shower gift, should the maid of honor send said gift directly to the bride's home, therefore leaving the maids emptyhanded at the shower, yet still out of $57?"? That would be really helpful and educational. But I'd love anything, I'm so fascinated with this whole surrealistic world right now.


Pink please!



Suzy Q

Whoever throws the bridal shower should pay for the invitations. The gift(s) should be brought to the shower. This just seems like common sense.


I know I'm late, but I'd be really curious to know about children at weddings. I honestly can see both sides.

I will not be having pink at my wedding, cannot afford the "perfect wedding" but I am curious how I can tactfully avoid having a screaming child running down the aisle while I say my vows. Yes, I've been at that wedding.

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