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Wednesday, August 15, 2007



I've often seen pictures of brides flowing over their dresses and been like "dude, who told you that you looked good?" I don't get it.

And that is why I liked my dress that had sleeves. Yummy.


Having worked in a dress shop, might I just say that it was a dangerous, dangerous thing (in some cases) to suggest that the buck stops anywhere but with the bride. We would take measurements, write them down, make a suggestion, and then pass the sizing chart to the bride. But woe to her who dared to imply that the bride couldn't lose those 50 lbs. in 2 months. Woe, woe, woe.


I know, I know, but seriously, someone should have a sit-down and explain about Santa Claus, the birds and the bees, the fact that she's not a fairy princess and the truth about dieting before she gets married.


Not to mention that the newspaper will always crop the photo you send in and the girls in strapless dresses usually look naked because the paper has cropped in to just head and shoulders. As a photographer, this annoys the heck out of me.

Amy H

YAY! for more posts. I am so glad that you are posting more. When you came back with the Bridezilla post I was optimistic and then...well, there were a lot of visits followed by my shoulders shrugging.
Keep it up! Your site is so much fun to read.


I just don't get how any woman--bride or not--can think that muffin tops and back fat look good. What are they thinking??


hooray, she's returned!

(I started to say "she's back!" but then didn't want to have to write "she's back (fat)!"... because you know I would've HAD to type it. I just can't help these things.)

but, again, HOORAY!


back fat is hott. Long live back fat.


I don't care what size I am, I refuse to go strapless. I have underarm flubber that refuses to go away, and the boobs? Even though they are sort of nice in v-neck shirts, they turn more into squashed fat mounds when they're stuffed behind strapless outfits.

I'm with Mrs Squirrel. Woo for backfat! (Alas, no gown will cover that for me.)

Amy H

ok, now you are just a tease. It has been almost 2 weeks since your last post. if you weren't so funny I wouldn't mind...but c'mon...throw us a bone.

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