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Tuesday, August 28, 2007



It must be that important for them to show strangers their going away shots - but honestly? How many strangers do you break out ALL of your wedding shots to?

(Unless you're a freak like I am, who will most likely post every picture imaginable to her blog IF I should ever get married because I am a nerd, okay I'm done now.)

Now, on with the pink post. And then children at weddings, please.


my sister was in an atrocious (sp?) pink wedding. I should send you photos.


I don't understand why wedding photogs require such a derth of pics. At a wedding I attended recently, the photographers took the standard pics before the wedding, but then continued to shoot set up shots for about 2 hrs after the reception started. I don't think any candid shots were taken.

Fortunately, they were relaxed about the meal and guests were able to eat while this was going on, but by the time the pics were done and it was time to cut the cake, some guests had already left.

Heather B.

Mock them. Especially the girls who do the whole "blush and bashful" thing a la Steel Magnolias. I've yet to attend a Pepto Bismol wedding - as i like to call them - but if I ever do, I'm going to ask what kind of medication the bride was on to think that all pink, all the time would be an excellent choice.

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