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Wednesday, June 13, 2007



Er...the concept is kind of cool, I guess, and some of the pictures are really stunning. But some of them are very...um...porny.


Trash the Dress (along with boudoir) is the hottest thing on my destination wedding board. Ummm, did I just admit that I still participate on the board. Shoot.


A very cool alternative to preserving the dress in a box. I find the description of "symbolically showing your husband you will never wear the dress again" kind of funny. Regardless of what happens (death/divorce), would a bride ever wear the dress again?

Suzy Q

Um...who are you over at mamapoptalk?


Speaking as a woman getting married in two weeks, they are gorgeous photos and very "high art," I personally could never do that to my dress. I may only wear my dress one day, but I'm in love with it. I want to be able to go back and pet it and show it to my girls (if I ever have any). If I ever wanted to give mine away, I'd give it to one of those places that resells them in low income neighborhoods.


I think in some ways it's kind of a cool concept - some of those pics are pretty darn beautiful. But is also a huge waste, especially if you bought a $1000+ dress. Then again, I don't understand people who shell out that kind of money for a damn dress, anyway!

This totally creeps me out:
"showing your husband you will never wear the dress again" .

I agree with Erin that some of the pics are a bit porn-ish. I guess there is a lot of symbolism of getting that perfect white dress all dirty!


Seriously, no.


Well I've never been married so maybe if I were a bride I would feel differently. I think it's fine for a bride to do whatever she wants with her dress, especially if it means cutting loose and having fun at the rececption.

On the other hand, setting your dress on fire just to get an arty photo? Kind of silly and self-promoting. But to each her own!

I think most of the pictures are kind of icky and annoying.

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