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Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Okay, so when you mentioned this site before I thought it was a site where people posted pictures of BAD wedding dresses and we got to trash them online. You know, say how ugly they were and how we wouldn't be caught dead in them.

But then I actually looked at the site and figure out what "trash" really means. DUH!!

I think the concept is very interesting. And during the 45 seconds that I was on the site, I was interested.

Since I rented (GASP!!) my dress, I couldn't even do this. But if someone wants to...well, have at it.


I think a lot of girls buy a 2nd cheapy dress to trash too. It's mostly a chance to be "new" and "different" and have the best photos and be edgy because once you become a bride it's hard to stand out from all the other brides in the world. The irony is that when enough girls do TTD, then it's not too edgy anymore huh. Then they push the envelope and it's not just slutty poses in the ocean, it's high fashion wannabe in the gross mud. Just my 2 or 3 cents :)


People buy 2 dresses? Now that's fucking dumb, and I'll stand by that.


I think it's stupid to buy two dresses and have one to trash.

But then again, sometimes people buy a ceremony dress and a reception dress...


Man, by the time I get married I'm going to make ALL the right moves and have the best advice from you and from Mrs. Squirrel, Isabel and Jan.

I think Janet is right on that people do it to be "different" than all the other brides because as special as your day is (and as special as yours was, Janet!), you still are a bride wearing a white dress.

I am kind of afraid about all the pressure there is for a wedding day to be PERFECT and DIFFERENT. That kind of anxiety might kill me. Also? Where am I going to come up with enough money to buy two dresses, even if one of them is a cheapo David's dress?

It's also weird that someone would buy an article of clothing when the goal is not to, you know: wear it. You just put it on to trash it? Where is the sentimentality or function in that?

Suzy Q

I so totally agree with you on the ugliness and ubiquity of strapless wedding dresses. And yet, you can't escape them nowadays. Don't these women realize how awful, and inappropriate, they look? I guess not. Sigh.

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