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Thursday, June 07, 2007



I'll visit you at MamaPop if you promise to stop telling people about my Little Pony themed wedding. I was young and foolish.


Don't let Mrs. Squirrel fool you...she IS into my double d's!


That is so funny. I can see her on my gmail, too and my guesses?
Double D's
Diet Dr. Pepper
Designated Driver
Dungeons and Dragons

She told ME it was the last one.

The Muse

Hola from MamaPopTalk! :)
Its so funny that I stumbled across your blog (okay, I totally clicked on the link in your MPT sig), when I was just telling my mom that I would probably enjoy wedding planning... (I aspire to be an event planner... right now, I work in advertising and work on event partnerships).

Anywho. Hi! :)

princess banter

Hahaha indeed... the marvels of blogosphere ;)

jen from boston

DD is always Dunkin Donuts. Like, duh.

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