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Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Oh thank you for this post. I mean, really people... get a life. If this post serves as a wake up call to even one princess wanna-be, it will be a ginormous gift to society.


You mention Disney weddings as if you see them all the time.

Please tell me that people don't really have Disney weddings all the time.


(I fear for America)


Notice how NONE of these models are smiling? Not a good marketing point for promoting a WEDDING at THE HAPPIEST FLIPPIN PLACE ON EARTH!!!


I have a theory based on years of working in an emergency department and seeing a lot of people with mental health issues. Adults wearing disney themed garb in the general public=psychiatric issues. Yes, I know this is probably skewed given that I'm seeing a narrow segment of the population, but seriously folks. I once shared this with one of my nurses, who reacted badly--telling me in a huff that she wears them because they make her happy and because she had a screwed up childhood and was never allowed to be a child. Few years later they finally diagnosed her as manic-depressive. So I can only imagine the pathology behind disney themed weddings. Heh.

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