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Sunday, September 17, 2006



please add to your PLEASE DON'T list: The Humpty Dance. My fiance has suggested it more than once for our wedding. Kill me!


Janet - your fiance has even suggested it to ME!

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" is a great song for singing drunken Karaoke in a dive bar, but wedding? No.

Make that a rule: anything you can see yourself singing while drunk in a bar is not suitable for a wedding.


Bebe - How do you feel about the bride or bridegroom being drunk at the reception? I think it is a definite "NO" but are there exceptions? Do you see members of the "happy couple" getting sloshed at their receptions?


THANK YOU for mentioning "The Luckiest!" My husband and I love that song, and request it whenever we go to a wedding (if song requests are allowed, that is), but no DJ ever has it. They only Ben Folds song they ever have is "Brick." Why on earth would anyone want "Brick" played at a wedding?

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I think that there are some pretty wild songs played at wedding ceremonies these days. I remember one wedding I went to. Whwn the bride and groom came into the room they played "let's get ready to rummmmmmble"
I don't know that just doesn't seem like the right song to play for a long lasting marriage.


Oh there was also another wedding I went ot years ago. A sort of western type wedding if you get my drift. You'll never guess what the most requested song of the evening was.
Take this job and shove it.


Re: the Chicken Dance:

I was adamantly against it. The DJ talked me into it and I'm glad she did. Because really, a lot of the older ladies in attendance will not dance to much of the regular music, but they will /race/ to the dance floor when the Chicken Dance starts. And it made for some of the most hilarious parts of our wedding video.

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