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Sunday, May 21, 2006



is my only alternative bare feet or ugly flats? I'm kinda having a sand dilemma myself...

plus, I bought some sexy stilettos for the reception part, does this mean my dress will be way too long for the ceremony part? ack!


I definitely wouldn't go barefoot because you could step on a shell or something sharp and ouchy. You're not relegated to flats, but you do need a solid sole. A pair of sandals, a pair of wedges or even a pair of ballet slippers would work. As for the height, it won't necessarily be a problem. Measure the height of your shoes for the reception and see if you can get something close to that. If you'll be standing on sand, it really won't be noticeable even if it is a touch too long because the sand will probably make it look a little bunch on the bottom anyway.


ahhh, you are so wise :) thanks!

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