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Friday, March 17, 2006



Ha. Totally ^_^.

I am currently making a strapless wedding dress for my brother's fiance, but I know how to make it look gooooood.

However, I totally agree with you. Most strapless things are very unflattering unless done PERFECTLY to your body type.


I'll need to see pictures of this dress you speak of. And make a dress with a v-neck so you can practice for my wedding. Even though you have at least 10 years to worry about that.


I'm glad that most people don't look good in strapless. My friends are getting married and so I've been looking at all the strapless dresses in magazines and on websites and I'm totally puzzled. I could not wear a strapless dress even in the privacy of my own living room it's that scandalous. Major sausage. And I have the arm-boob too. It's all v-neck for me. That way the V at least gives the illusion of me having two breasts instead of one.


I tried on exactly one strapless dress when I was wedding-gown shopping, and I determined instantly that strapless is NOT a good look for me. And I'm tall and relatively slim! I stuck out of that thing like the Borg queen sticking out of her bodice-thingy... yeccch.


Wow, so glad to see this article. You are so right about everything a white strapless gown does wrong! Almost never flattering. And the white strapless is so.... blah and predictable. Get some style, people!

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