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Wednesday, March 29, 2006



I wanted to laugh really - but this all hits way too close to home. If I hear, "we just want cash" or "maybe we should put that there will be a money tree at the wedding on the invitation" I'm going to start smacking people.

It's going to be the classiest potluck wedding of the season. and no, I'm sooo not kidding. :)

I'm loving this blog btw.


I've been a victim of the "Money Tree" thing too. So, so tacky.


I promise to abide by these rules, however, I do believe that Miss Manners has granted an exception to her rule and will allow for registry info on a wedding website. Phew!

My sister received a deer antler bowl as a wedding gift. Granted, it was from my dad's hunting pal, but STILL! So Hilarious! Worth the giggles. I am sure she wrote a gracious thank you note and it will find a nice home in my dad's cabin.


I have friends who received a gift that was, to put it lightly, interesting. To this day they still don't know what it is. It looked like a miniature coffee table.
They were grateful as anything, but I still don't know what they wrote on the thank you card.


Funny, but we received Leather Luggage Tags.

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