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Welcome to my new blog dedicated to ripping apart the wedding industry one boring, white, strapless dress at a time.

No, really.

I worked with bridal couples every day. Some are wonderful, some are dreadful. This blog is dedicated to my experiences, thoughts and observations about the wedding industry.

Obviously because of what I do and what I talk about, I don't want the people I work with to know that I'm writing about them, so I'm not going to say a whole lot about me.

Oh, and if you think you recognize yourself in something I've written, have no fear, it's probably not you. Having lots of weddings under my belt I can combine details from several weddings, and pull examples from weddings from well over a year ago to a couple who isn't having their wedding until May of 2009.


Reading, writing, spinning class, cooking, [insert mundane activities ad infinitum].